Leaked photos show possible DJI FPV racing drone

Leaked photos show possible DJI FPV racing drone

That’s backed up by DJI leaker @OsitaLV, who tweeted that the DJI FPV could have 4K 60 fps on-board recording with stabilization that’s more suitable for cinema-like video than racing (comp drones generally have low-latency, low-resolution cameras). The 150 km/h (93 mph) maximum speed is also good for video but slower than the 120 mph+ speeds of competition FPV drones. All that said, the DJI FPV would be likely be great for recreational FPV flying/racing, as well.

As it stands now, high-speed cinematic FPV drones are largely cobbled together with parts, using cameras from GoPro and others, often with stabilization software like ReelSteady. Those are then fitted to special racing drones that can handle the weight. If the leak is accurate (and that’s a big “if,”) it means that DJI is simplifying that idea and making it more consumer friendly, just as it did with aerial photography drones.

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