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Kate Beckinsale shares her dating deal-breaker



Kate Beckinsale shares her dating deal-breaker

Kate Beckinsale has some serious guidelines for her romantic relationships.

The 46-year-old actress, who’s currently dating Pete Davidson, stopped by “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on Thursday and shared her major dating dealbreaker. The conversation began when Beckinsale’s fellow late-night guest, Milo Ventimiliga, revealed that he used Disneyland as both a place to meet girls and a place to take girls on dates while growing up, something Beckinsale was not onboard with.

“I didn’t like it. I don’t really like dates anyway,” she said of both Disneyland and dating in general.

Aidy Bryant Wishes Pete Davidson ‘the Best’ in New Relationship With Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale attends W Magazine Celebrates Its 'Best Performances' Portfolio and the Golden Globes with Audi and Giorgio Armani Beauty at Chateau Marmont on January 4, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

Kate Beckinsale attends W Magazine Celebrates Its ‘Best Performances’ Portfolio and the Golden Globes with Audi and Giorgio Armani Beauty at Chateau Marmont on January 4, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

Beckinsale’s Disneyland date went downhill quickly when the guy she was with didn’t compliment her Minnie Mouse ears.

“There was some sort of argument about he didn’t think I looked cute in the ears… He didn’t compliment me enough [on my Minnie Mouse ears],” she recalled. “So it was done. I was out. I was over it.”

“If you’re going to go through the trouble of buying and wearing ears, the person should be freaking out, especially if you’re over 40 because it’s a commitment,” she continued. “… I was super offended.”

Despite not liking dates in general, Beckinsale seems to be making an exception for Davidson, 25, whom she was recently seen out and about with earlier this month. The pair attended a “Saturday Night Live” after-party and went to a New York Rangers game where they showed some serious PDA.

Pete Davidson Addresses Age Difference With Girlfriend Kate Beckinsale: ‘It Doesn’t Bother Us’

Their relationship has become such news that Davidson recently discussed it during “Weekend Update” on SNL. In the segment, Davidson questioned why people have a fascination with their age difference, saying “it doesn’t really bother us.”

“So if you have questions about a relationship with a big age difference, just ask Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Statham, Michael Douglas, Richard Gere, Jeff Goldblum, Scott Disick, Dane Cook, Derek Jeter, Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee, Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn and whoever the president of France is,” Davidson suggested in rapid-fire succession. “Mel Gibson, Billy Joel, Mick Jagger, Sylvester Stallone, Eddie Murphy, Kelsey Grammer. Larry King, Larry King, Larry King, Rod Stewart and Donald Trump.”

Kate Beckinsale Reacts to Viral Meme of Her Kissing Pete Davidson Next to Antoni Porowski

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Bhad Bhabie shows off $42G diamond-encrusted Rolex on 16th birthday




Bhad Bhabie shows off $42G diamond-encrusted Rolex on 16th birthday

Bhad Bhabie just got some serious bling for her 16th birthday.

Danielle Bregoli, of “Cash me outside” fame, celebrated her milestone birthday a little early in New York City on Tuesday with a very pricey gift from her managers Adam Kluger and Dan Roof: a $42,000 diamond-encrusted Rolex watch.

“THANK YOU to my managers since day one,” the fledgling rapper wrote on Instagram, posting a close-up video of her luxe new accessory.

According to TMZ, her custom mother-of-pearl Rolex features a baby pink face, 15.38 carats of VS diamonds over the entire band and 1.5 carats of VS diamonds in the Roman numerals that encircle the face dial. All in all, the Rolex has a reported value of $42,000 and was commissioned from Joel the Jeweler in LA.

The new Rolex should pair nicely with the $45,000 gold grill covered in flawless diamonds and the 14k yellow gold choker-length chain Bregoli scooped up this summer from Houston-based celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang.

The article originally appeared in the New York Post

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Jessica Simpson’s baby bags are packed




Jessica Simpson's baby bags are packed

Jessica Simpson is primed and ready to give birth!

A source speaking with ET has noted that Simpson’s “hospital bags are packed” amid the singer’s tumultuous pregnancy.

The famous singer is currently expecting her third child, Birdie, with former football player Eric Johnson.


Simpson recently uploaded an Instagram pic of her baby bump, letting her followers know that she is ready to pop. The picture, which features the pregnant Simpson with an artsy background, was simply captioned “Jess-tation.”


According to ET, a source for Johnson told the site that “Jessica is definitely uncomfortable.” The source continued, stating, “This has been a tough pregnancy but she knows it will all be worth it when she’s holding that little baby. Her hospital bags are packed. Everyone is trying to be patient, but the family is so excited and counting the minutes until the baby is here.”

Throughout this pregnancy, Simpson has experienced a multitude of health issues, including swollen feet and bronchitis. Simpson has been hospitalized for bronchitis four times throughout her pregnancy — noting how “crazy painful” it was to cough so much during pregnancy.


Simpson also recently made headlines for breaking a toilet seat during her pregnancy. She made light of the situation by posting an Instagram photo captioned, “Warning..Don’t lean back on the toilet when pregnant.”

The couple currently are parents to Maxwell, 6, and Ace, 5.

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Cory Booker calls girlfriend Rosario Dawson a ‘wonderful,’ ‘incredible human being’




Cory Booker calls girlfriend Rosario Dawson a 'wonderful,' 'incredible human being'

Cory Booker couldn’t contain his love for girlfriend Rosario Dawson.

The New Jersey senator, 49, stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday to chat about his 2020 presidential run and the conversation shifted to the new woman in his life and their budding relationship.

“She was visiting me in D.C., and then she left to the airport, and she got ambushed at the airport,” he said of Dawson who confirmed their relationship status to TMZ when cameras caught up to her.


“She was wonderful and she’s just an incredible human being,” he added of the actress.

Booker is also aware that balancing in a relationship while campaigning will be a challenging task. “As our relationship grows it’s difficult, but she is such a deeply soulful person,” he revealed. “[She] has taught me a lot of lessons about love already. That sometimes, you show the greatest strength when you make yourself vulnerable.”

“She really has this nurturing spirit that’s made me more courageous, not just in the love that I project and want to see in our country, but I think even in our own personal relationships to love more fearlessly,” he continued. “So, I’m very, very blessed to be with somebody that makes me a better person.”

DeGeneres even joked about officiating their potential White House wedding and said it would be like America’s version of a royal wedding.

Dawson said of Booker last week, “I am just grateful to be with someone that I respect and love and admire so much” and she’s really enjoying the time they get to spend with each other.

The couple first made headlines in January when they were reportedly spotted seeing a Broadway show together.

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